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Zhangmu Town

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Zhangmu Town borders Nepal to the south. Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge is only 10 km away and another 123 km"s drive will lead you into Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Different from other dry and cold areas in Tibet, Zhangmu is mild and humid because of its subtropical climate. Its mild climate is conducive for the flourishing of flowers, trees and other green vegetations.

Zhangmu is an important trading port as well as a border town between China and Nepal. You can find customhouse, business bureau, factories, shops, banks, post offices, schools, hotels, restaurants and resident buildings arranged orderly beside the street. The bazaar is always crowded with various skin-colored tourists and businessmen. Walking here, you may feel like bees in a hive. Most striking are the numerous red villas topped with small gardens, aflutter with prayer flags and lucky trees, which add much color to the town. About 123km kilometers south of Friendship Bridge, which is the boundary bridge connecting the two countries, there stands the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. A very important landmark in Zhangmu Town is its busy and prosperous harbor. Through the foreign goods coming in from India and Nepal, you can enjoy many an exotic flavor in Zhangmu Town. So many tourists enter or leave Tibet through this small but busy town.

Scenic views can be found almost all the year round; in other words, whenever you decide to travel Zhangmu, this elegant small town is well worth a look. All the houses here are scattered randomly without any intentional design; therefore it gives visitors a rambling impression of the town. Furthermore, almost all the travellers are touched by its simplicity and purity. Streets and stone stairs, like threads, connect all the houses together, which make people feel very easy to find their way from one house to another. Most rooftops house small delicate gardens, bringing a special kind of beauty to this little town.

Zhangmu travel tips

Zhngmu is one must tour destination in the itinerary for any overland tours between Lhasa and Nepal. There is no famous tourist site in Zhangmu but the landscape adventure to and/or from Zhangmu is awsome and really worth to see. The Shigatse Region that Zhangmu Town is located in has many natural and cultural scenic spots, such as Mt. Everest, Palkhor Monastery, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Rongbuk Monastery, Pala Manor, etc. Please ensure you take your valid ID card or foreign passport and border card (with all necessary Tibet travel permits) for the checkpoint. The road condition in Zhangmu is much better than few years back since all the 760km highway Lhasa to Zhangmu is well paved. And there are daily buses between Lhasa-the capital city of Tibet and Zhangmu, but as a foreign traveller, it is not allowed to take the public bus yet because all foreign travellers"s travell arrangement must be via local travel agent who provides guide, driver and vehicle and the China gov does not allow individual foreign tourists to travel by themselves without travel agency full management.

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