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Lhasa food and drinks

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In Lhasa, Tibetan food takes the major role, but there are as well other foods and restaurants such as Sichuan cuisine, Western Food, Nepali and Indian restaurants, etc. When in Lhasa, tourists must want to have a taste of the local food. Tibetan people have their own special dining which is full of folk culture. Because of the location, most areas of Tibet are affected by semi-tropical warm wind. The location and climate make the Tibetan unique dining habit. Besides, dining in Tibetan pasturing areas and farming areas are different. And the food in Lhasa is the combination of all areas in Tibet.

Tibetan Foods and Drinks in Lhasa (what to eat and drink in Lhasa)

Tourists in Lhasa will firstly check the unique Tibetan food. Tibetan main foods are Tsampa (Zan Ba), pea, horsebean, milk sediments, meats and milk products. Tibetan like eat air-dry beef, mutton. The major drinks in Tibet (Lhasa) are ghee tea, pure tea, sweet tea, fresh milk and Chang. Especially the Tsampa, ghee, tea, cow and sheep meat are reputed as "four treasures in Tibetan dining".

Tibetan Lhasa Famous Dishes (what to eat in Lhasa)
Tibetan food is generally divided into three sorts: stable foods, dishes and soups. The basically subsidiary ingredient for cooking dishes (except sweet food) in Tibet is salt. Besides, other ingredients are ginger, pepper, caraway, curry, garlic, shallot, wild garlic, caladium, cayenne, Tibetan fennel and so on.

Lhasa Restaurants and Cafes (where to eat in Lhasa)
People in Lhasa can choose some famous Tibetan food restaurants to have a try. A lot of nice and comfortable restaurants can be found in Lhasa old district. There is a street in Lhasa which colleted the food all over country and even western food; that is Ji De Lu. Most western-food restaurants fasten on Beijing Lu. Except Tibetan food Sichuan cuisine is another popular cuisine in Lhasa.

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