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Shannan Ethnic Elegant Demeanour

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 The melting snow from Mt.Yarlhasangpo, the wide middle reaches of Yarlungtsenpo River, the endless snow mountains and the picturesque evergreen virgin forests have helped to create the nation"s wise, open, strong and humorous nature. Lhoka, a glorious place with remarkable people, is the cradle of Tibetan civilization. We are not only talking about the famous king Songtsangampo who unified Tibet and created a splendid Kingdom, as well as the founder for Tibet alphabet. What we"d like to mention here are that some ministers of the Republic, some Vice Chairmen of the People"s Government of T.A.R etc. had grown and worked here. Lhoka should be fully deserved as the hometown for growing successful people. No matter you come for tourism, mountain-climbing or investing, you will feel that Lhoka is really worth visiting.

Tourism is one of the mainstays for the economy in Tibet. The tourism in Lhoka has a long-standing history, splendid culture and rich resources. The tourist workers here are mostly local, they are professioal and practical with a pioneering spirit.

You have got to believe that the people in Lhoka shall make a rapid progress and are looking forward to greeting a magnificent tomorrow in the 21st century.

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