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Demystify women living on the roof of the world

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As a unique part of the charming scenery on the snowy plateau, the legendary lives of Tibetan women always arouse people"s imagination of this mysterious land. The photograph album named Women on the Roof of the World presented one hundred and eight dazzling Tibetan women in front of viewers. These Tibetan women are the ultimate personification of life"s courage, just as the piercing Tibetan folk songs.

Living on top of the world in the snow mountains with thin air, the Tibetan woman are famous for their perseverance. They achieved many "firsts" that stunned the world. The album Women on the Roof of the World, published by Jinhui Investment Management Company Ltd. under the All-China Women"s Federation, featured the lives of one hundred and eight Tibet women who lived on today"s snowy plateau. Through them viewers will learn about their stories and the development in Tibet.

Fengcui, the chief editor and a member of the CPPCC, said today that many people who knew little about Tibet misunderstood this mysterious land. The Women"s Federation compiled this book in order to help people understand the culture, history, religion and life of Tibet by first introducing the reader to Tibetan women.

The women in the book include famous Tibetan dancers, mountain climbers, Tibet"s first group of stewardesses, Tibet"s first group of doctors, Tibet"s first professor and Tibet"s first lawyer. All of them have outstanding experiences.

The more than one hundred pictures in the photo album were selected from more than ten thousand submissions. The one hundred and eight women are from different fields, including former supernatural witches, female slaves, and little Buddhist nun Manbas (Tibet doctor), aristocrats, businesswomen, grassland herdswomen, Monba, Luoba, Xiarba and returning compatriots. All these excellent pictures show their different lives and Tibet"s vast and charming plateau scenery.

8000 copies of the colorful English and Chinese version of the book "Women on the Roof of the World" have been published by the World Knowledge Publishing House in mainland China and overseas. Plans for Hong Kong issuance are underway.

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