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The Great Yalung Zangbo Canyon Nature Reserve

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This State-grade nature reserve consists of Nyilha Zangbo River Valley Nature Reserve, Deyang Gully Reserve Spot for Takins and the Burjun Nature Reserve for Tropical Rain Forest, with the aim of protecting the complete comprehensive natural ecological system. The water surface at the lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River in this reserve is only several hundred meters above sea level, but other places within 40 kilometers from it can form a drop of several thousand meters with it. As a result, in a relatively short distance, natural scenery and species range from tropical to frigid, forming a great treasuretrove of genes of various species. It contains almost all vegetation types from the frigid zone in the North Pole to the tropical zone in Hainan, the southernmost province of China. No people live on the reserve, although the locals hunt, but many cliffs and rapids in the reserve have formed natural obstacles against human attempts to enter. Besides, there are special administrative offices on the edge of the reserve, so the primitive conditions are intact.

The Nyela Zangbo River Valley is the major part of the Great Yalung Zangbo Canyon Nature Reserve, containing many species, special geological structures and traces of ancient glaciers. It has intact natural vegetation in primitive conditions. The complicated natural conditions have resulted in rich flora resources, including many rare species. In recent years, new species have been continuously found. The higher plants already found number 3,000, accounting for over half of all the species of plants all over Tibet. There are 21 rare plants under special State protection, and over 40 plants up to the "model standard" are named after Medog. The dense forest in the reserve is a paradise for wild animals, which range from tropical to frigid species. Some of them are rare species peculiar to this area.

According to a rough estimate, over 40 species are rare animals under State protection. The reserve is called "natural zoo."
The Burjun Lake Nature Reserve is located 30 kilometers south of the Nyelha Zangbo River Valley Nature Reserve, covering an area of over 100 hectares. The surrounding mountains are not steep. The lake is like a brilliant gem inlaid in the tropical evergreen latifoliate forest. The jade green lake water and the mountains add radiance and beauty to each other, forming a charming scene. Because of the lake, this place is humid all year, with tropical and subtropical plants growing luxuriantly on mountains slopes, and wild animals moving about. Throughout the year, monkeys" cries and birds" chirping are heard. There is a great variety of birds, among which is the toucan with a brown neck, a tropical bird under first-grade State protection. This is also the place where, it is said, the Abominable Snowman used to haunt.

The Deyang Gully Nature Reserve for takins is located 50 kilometers south of the Nyelha Zangbo River Valley Nature Reserve, with the Nugong River running through it from north to southeast. Its eastern and western bounds are the outer sides of the planking mountain ridges. In winter, most of the places higher than 4,000 meters above sea level are covered with thick snow. On the eastern and western sides, ice and snow sliding down from the mountains form "ice walls." The only pass, at the northeast corner by the Yarlung Zangbo River, forms a natural hopper. This reserve is a haven for takins.

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