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what service can you expect from us and what is our difference

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Service highlights and differences 

1) You get 100% Tibetan local tour guides, more importantly, you get EXPERIENCED and QUALITY Tibetan guide;

2) Tour licensed vehicles with good conditions and experienced drivers who are familar with Tibet roads;

3) We create customized tour itineraries designed to enhance the overall brand experience; You get further off-the-beaten-track;

4) We provide instant support before, during and after your whole trip (from inquiry to the time you arrive at home);

5) We offer competitive prices, we are not middle handlers (we organize your tours, and we do operate your tours by ourselves).

6) We have more solutions for add-on trips to Yunnan, Guizhou, Yangshuo and Nepal with cheaper prices.

7) We are friendly to local environment by practicing the knowledge of Responsible Tibet Tourism. Our agent has been supporting Tibet local people, local economy with knowledge in practising responsible Tibet tourism. We have grown up with a huge Tibetan service circle. We have Tibetan and Chinese advisers. Our quality travel guides must be Tibetan. And our accommodations are mainly Tibetan owned except for client"s unique requests.
And once travelling in Tibet, we only recommend the pure Tibetan restaurants, , Tibetan tea houses and so on. Besides the main tour destination of Tibet, we also specialize in organizing and operating vacations in Yunnan, Guizhou, Yangshuo and Kathmandu, Nepal. We are proud to say our overall offers will be cheaper than any other tour wholesalors. Additionally we have reliable local partners for Xi"an and Yangtze, so generally you can get almost full solution from us for your China-Tibet-Nepal vacation.

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